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Birds & Art

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In art birds tend to represent broad ideas like love, nobility, bravery and freedom, just to name a few. A bird's ability to fly is often connected with the limitless heights of imagination and possibility which I'm sure has a connection as to why so many artists are drawn to use them in their art. They are also often connected with emotions such as feeling free and unburdened.

When I was a little girl I won a colouring competition with the TV guide and the prize was a colourful pair of Fischer-price binoculars. My mom then got me a little book of birds and I used to take a packed lunch and my dog and go off up the field behind our house trying to spot the different birds, I'd be gone until i got hungry again, simpler times!

Birds often crop up in my art now, it's probably a little bit to do with nostalgia for those days as well as their symbolism.

I have just a few bird artworks from my recent art exhibition still available on my website.

Alongside birds you'll see other wildlife and tropical scenes, as well as portraits, and abstracts from my recent solo art exhibition 'Life is Neon' that took place in September in Kinsale, Co.Cork.

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