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Birds & Art

In art birds tend to represent broad ideas like love, nobility, bravery and freedom, just to name a few. A bird's ability to fly is often connected with the limitless heights of imagination and possibility which I'm sure has a connection as to why so many artists are drawn to use them in their art. They are also often connected with emotions such as feeling free and unburdened.

When I was a little girl I won a colouring competition with the TV guide and the prize was a colourful pair of Fischer-price binoculars. My mom then got me a little book of birds and I used to take a packed lunch and my dog and go off up the field behind our house trying to spot the different birds, I'd be gone until i got hungry again, simpler times!

Birds often crop up in my art now, it's probably a little bit to do with nostalgia for those days as well as their symbolism.

There will be a number of bird artworks at my upcoming art exhibition, as well as portraits, abstracts and wildlife pieces. Life is Neon art exhibition takes place from Sept 22nd-30th on Market Street, Kinsale, P17TD77. Hope to see you there!

#birdspainting #birdartwork #colourfulhomevibe #birdlovers

#birdart #colourfulhomedecor #birdpaintings #lifeisneonexhibition #ciciartdesign #irishart

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