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Christmas Commissions 2023

This year, I'm making a small number of commission slots available for Christmas🎄

I know it's hard to start thinking about Christmas before the Halloween decorations have even gone up, but a special handmade art gift takes time.

So message me today to get started on a unique artwork for your loved one.

🎨 So, how does commissioning a piece of art work exactly?

We will start by getting you to answer a few questions to help flesh out some ideas of a suitable theme for the artwork. A deposit is paid to start, and then I will do up some sketches and colour palette ideas to show you and make sure we are on the right track before the actual painting begins. I will send photos and videos during the creation process, and once happy, the balance is paid before delivery.

Please take some time to check out my website and see examples of my work and style. If you have pieces you love the colour palette or composition of be sure to mention them in the consultation as it will help with planning your commission.

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