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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Our large dark brown wood mirror at the end of a long hallway was supposed to brighten up the space but the dark wood did just the opposite. So rather than replace I decided to upcycle. This had to be done in stages and so was a 2 day project, allowing for drying time.

As I was keeping some of the original brown wood, I had to begin with some precise sanding and taping. Then I began with gold spray paint to two of the strips, these needed 2 coats with drying time in between. I didn't want to risk putting tape on the spray painted strips, so the blush pink strip in the middle had to be freehand painted. It took 3 coats, I had thought I might distress the paint finish afterwards but decided I preferred undisturbed. I used some of my artist brushes to paint which helped give the clean lines and smooth finish and was done with left over paint I had. I absolutely love the finished result, the mirror looks bigger now and it does exactly what I wanted and brightens the end of a dark hallway beautifully.

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