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About the Artist

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"  -Thomas Merton 


'In a dynamic way I am inspired by nature, it nourishes me and brings childhood memories to the forefront of my mind which inform my artworks. It is my hope that this youthful energy, along with a playfully saturated colour palette, will energise and motivate the viewer. 

My art process involves layering many media, usually starting with inks & charcoal.  Collage, modelling paste or plaster to introduce some texture. Spray paint, china markers, copper or gold leaf often follow and then oil pastels, oil paints and glazes to finish. Why I use so many media in one piece is that my artworks evolve with me over the course of weeks, months and sometimes years. Even though I might start with a source reference I try not to attach to the final outcome allowing the painting to become what it is meant to be. It's not just about painting, for example, a face in the case of a portrait, for me it's the journey to get there. That's why all the layering and different mediums, it helps with this process of evolution, as well as to help create the juicy saturated colours indicative of my style. 

My goal for my art is to inspire connection and hope, and to leave the viewer feeling emboldened. A desire to connect to others through my art, to authentically share my experience, and to learn how others experience the art is why I create.' -CiCi


Irish artist Claire 'CiCi' O'Shea lives in West Cork, painting under the artist name CiCi, she uses a variety of mediums in her art process so that her works consists of many layers. Her paintings show her reflective side with themes such as memories, strength and hope recurring. Living and growing up in a West Cork, its' ccoastline and the sea are also a big influence on her work. The art is often vividly colourful and energetic amplifying what she receives from her bond to nature. Claire is mostly self taught, taking  self paced courses and painting on and off throughout her life since she was a young teen. Losing her sister to suicide prompted her to delve more into her creative side, which helped her slow down her busy life and guide her healing processes. She uses inspiring quotes, music, memories and emotions to guide her in her creative process and endeavours to imbue that energy into her art. During the pandemic she undertook a year long intensive art mastery programme with the Milan Art Institute to further develop her skills and hone her own unique style and artistic processes. 

She lives with her partner James and dog Bailey near the picturesque seaside town of Kinsale in South West Ireland. They travel often in their cosy camper LuLu, to learn more about Claire, her influences and life, click the 'Follow Me' button below to follow her on Instagram. 

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