For interior designers or artistic home owners looking for something unique to brighten a home or office space. 


> You get to collaborate with the artist on a bespoke artwork. 

> You will have a one-off piece of art, unique and original but also meaningful to you

> You can choose a colour palette that compliments your décor. 

> A completely unique gift 

> You choose your canvas size and collaborate on references and style. 

When filling out the form below please be as detailed as possible. During the consultation process you may wish to email a mood board or reference images for the artwork, or a photo of the room where the artwork is intended for. 

Canvas sizes range from small 20cm x 20cm to large at 71.1cm x 91.4cm with deep or standard edges. Larger pieces can be accomodated but for some bigger works, especially where resin is used, boards may be recommended over canvas. Various shapes of canvas or larger sizes may be custom built or ordered on request, for example circular and hexagonal.

Prices can range from €75 to €400, depending on the size and elements wanted. This will be finalised before painting begins. A deposit is required to secure commission with final payment being made on completion, before delivery. Pieces can take a couple of weeks to create, dry and cure. Images and videos of the artwork can be sent during the process if requested. 

Handmade frames can be added to the artwork on request, these can take a few weeks to arrange. Price of framing will be calculated based on size or you can choose to leave the artwork unframed or frame yourself at a later date.