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CiCi's New Year Blog

🎉Happy New Year 2023!

We started the New Year with an early morning dip in the ocean and a sauna while setting intentions for the year ahead. The Atlantic ocean is pretty chilly in January let me tell you but it was so fantastic to clear the cobwebs. I was buzzing with energy afterwards. This is something I want to do more of in future... Hot and cold therapy has so many benefits.

Later on in the day I gave my art studio a tidy so I can start in the studio again after the Christmas break with a clear space and mind.

This week I will be doing a 3 day workshop for my art business to help give me the boost I need to get things moving on the business side of things. Being a self representing artist is hard, we have to wear so many hats.. PR, marketing, accounting, web development, social media etc and too little time at the easel. So I hope this workshop will give me the kick in the arse I need to get momentum going again on my business after the Christmas break.

Sparkling New Paint Brushes for the New Year

I'm trying to create positive habits rather than setting resolutions that begin with 'Don't... Stop.. or No More..'

for example.. Don't watch too much TV, or Stop snacking between meals or No more alcohol. All good ideas but I tend to rebel against goals that tell me not to do something pretty quickly.

So instead I'm trying to set myself up for success by focusing on positive tasks that I can tick off, I do love a checklist ✅😊

I'm also trying to meet myself where I am, rather than beating myself up and wishing for a better body or better painting skills.. I'm trying to love and accept myself where I am, while working for a better version of that which I already should be proud of.

To that end I am revisiting an unfinished nude self portrait. I think I never finished it because I was painting the body I wanted and not the one I had. So I'm going back to it.. Its our imperfections that make us unique so I'm embracing them and this time painting in those love handles I omitted before. As well as a personal exercise in loving my body, this is also a painting exercise for me to work on skin tones.

What about you?

Do you have something that works for you to start the new year off well?

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