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Ways to display art without putting holes in your walls

Maybe you are renting your home , you still want it to feel like your space, but you also want the deposit back should you leave. Or maybe you just don't want to commit to putting nails in freshly painted walls. Here are some ideas for displaying art in your home without using nails.

I'm a big fan of the lean... Display smaller artworks on shelves and counter tops. They can be put in picture frames with legs to prop them upright or just lean it against the wall.

Forget putting a mirror you'll never use over the mantelpiece. A mantel can take several large art pieces, and a layered look with decorative art is on trend right now. However I wouldn't use this with fine art pieces, take good care of your expensive art and don't put anything leaning on it.

If you have an extra large statement piece, leaning it against the wall on a hardwood floor is so simple and effective yet can be very chic and stylish.

You can buy a lightweight easel or similar display piece to showcase your most favourite art piece, make it a focal point of the room. These can often be found on offer at German supermarkets that I won't name here, but I'm sure you know where I mean.

Another option is magnetic vinyl, create a gallery wall by putting up some magnetic vinyl, unlike wallpaper you don't need to paste your wall with glue. They generally come off really easily when needed, although try a test patch on an inconspicuous area before you commit. Simply use small magnets then to attach lightweight prints and posters to your wall. Command strips and hooks; I'm always a little dubious of these and would only use them for very lightweight pieces and not anything with glass or a heavy frame but I have used them and I've even used cable ties to attach art to the side of a bar very effectively, get creative.

If you are in an older property you may very well have a picture rail, lucky you, look up above head height on your wall there might be a moulding running around the walls of your rooms. If so all you need is some timeless brass picture hooks that you can get in many DIY stores that will hook over the edge of the rail and you're all set.

My name is Claire CiCi O'Shea, I'm a mixed media artist from west Cork in Ireland. I hope this blog has given you some ideas of how you can display art in your home or office space. Follow me on Instagram @ciciartdesign or check out my website to see what my art and style is about.

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